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Are you looking for some exciting adventure trips around the Grand Canyon?

Have you heard about the Arizona Raft Adventures?

Would you like to find out about some amenities and services of the company that you can avail of?

If you are planning to have an adventure that you won’t forget in a long time to come, going rafting can be one of the activities you should definitely give a try. With so many companies who offer rafting adventure trips, how do you know which one to go for?

In this article today, we are taking a detailed look at one such company that offers rafting adventures. We are sharing real user reviews about Arizona Raft Adventures, as well as sharing a few reasons why you may want to go ahead and book your adventure trip with them. Make sure you read through the features, services and amenities on offer as well as any negative reviews they may have, before you plan your trip.

What is Arizona Raft Adventures?

Also known as AzRA, the current operators and owners are Fred and Alexandra. 

  • This is a third generation company that conducts more than 75 trips each year between April and October.
  • One of the good things about this company is that they treat the Grand Canyon as their own family, and ensure that no matter how many trips they conduct, they do not leave behind any debris.
  • They have a host of rafting adventures that include oar boats, paddle boats motor boats and more.  

WHERE can you find them?

Here are the contact details of the company:

  • Email:
  • Mailing address: 4050 E. Huntington Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86004
  • Skype: Arizona.raft.adventures
  • Toll free: 800-786-7238
  • Local: 928-526-8246
  • Fax: 928-526-8246

The office is open from Mon-Fri 9am-4pm M.S.T.

Arizona Raft Adventures Tour Products & Services (MORE DETAILS)

Option #1

Land transfers

  • The company will allow you to use a luggage carrying service, especially in those cases where you are not able to lug around your own baggage. In this case, they make it very clear that you strictly follow all guidelines by the partnering company.

Option #2

Experienced guides

  • Highly experienced and trained guides who will help you make the most of your trip.

Option #3

Equipment/gear rental

  • Three dry bags, sleeping bag and tent are provided. You can also buy gear that you may need at the river from their store at very competitive prices.

Option #4

Customizable packages

  • Choose from a range of packages depending on the number of days, difficulty levels and so on.

Option #5

Meals and other add-ons

  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are provided, along with snacks.
  • You can get in touch with them in advance for any specific dietary restrictions.
  • Travel protection plans that the company provides will give you coverage in case you cancel your trip, if there is any medical emergency situation, even if there is any delay in the trip or with your baggage or anything similar.


WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING about Arizona Raft Adventures?

People Liked…

Here are some good and bad reviews that customers of Arizona Raft Adventures have shared:


1. Very entertaining and friendly guides

  • The guides who are part of the Arizona Raft Adventures are extremely friendly and entertaining.
  • They will happily answer all your additional queries that you might have, even if they have already explained everything once.
  • The guides will make sure to make you feel comfortable and are very easy to approach.

2. Highly trained and knowledgeable guides

  • One of the things that customers seem to love about the Arizona Raft Adventures guides is their level of knowledge and how well they are trained to share it all.
  • The group of guides have a lot of interesting information that they will share with you as you go down the river on your rafting adventure trip.
  • From talking about the geology and history of the place to going on about biology, marine and wildlife in the area and more, the guides seem to know and share it all.

3. Good quality and delicious food

  • One thing that happens when you are on a rafting trip is that you end up becoming really hungry by the time you reach the camp site.
  • The Arizona Raft Adventure company ensures that there is enough food available at the camp site when you reach.
  • Also, the food is of a very high quality and is planned in such a way that it will cater to most tastes and liking.

4. Different types of trips and packages to choose from

  • Another thing that is really good about the Arizona Raft Adventures company is that they offer a wide variety of trip options and packages that you can choose from.
  • You can choose an adventure package depending on how many people are going for the trip, as well as the age of most of the participants and the preferences of each.
  • The packages are created in such a way that even if some are meant for a large number of days, there will be enough breaks and slowing down period in-between so that you don’t get too exhausted.

5. Guides will let you see the best of nature

  • If you thought you were going on just a rafting adventure, think again.
  • The guides are highly trained to let you enjoy all of nature around the river and watch out for spots on the way.
  • From gorgeous waterfalls to wildlife, marine life and more, the guides will help you discover a whole new view of nature that you may have missed out earlier.

People Didn’t Like…

1. Need to have a no-drinking policy for staff

  • Some customers have complained that guides consumed alcohol once the groups reached camp.
  • This can be very dangerous in case of accidents, when the guides may be required to administer first-aid or medication.

2. May overlook items left on camp site

  • Some customers have mentioned that in a few cases, guides have not been thorough in doing a check of the area, and have actually forgotten items behind on the site.

3. Some not-so-good trip leaders

  • Some customers complained that their trip leader was extremely rude as well as very unorganized.

4. Group size may change without prior notice

  • In some instances, additional boats were added into the trip without informing other guests.
  • This increases the number of passengers on the ride, making it difficult at the camp site.

5. Less stretches for the faint-hearted

  • While this is not necessarily a bad thing, some customers do feel that the company could have introduced a few options that are easier for everyone to go on.

Do we RECOMMEND Arizona Raft Adventures for guided tours?

If you are someone who is physically fit and has a knack for the outdoors, you should definitely give this company a try. Book a guided rafting tour with them mainly for the following reasons:

  • High knowledge of the best stretches
  • Professional and friendly staff
  • Overall care and safety
  • Wholesome trip including rafting and nature-watch

While the Arizona Raft Adventures company is highly experienced in handling customers and making sure that you are safe on their rafting trips, use caution and follow all their safety advice to get the best out of your trip.

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