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What is Noah’s Ark Rafting?

What kinds of trips can you take from this company?

Where is this company located?

Noah’s Ark Rafting is a whitewater rafting tour company located in Colorado. The company offers lots of outdoor adventures for those looking to explore and enjoy nature, and thrill-seekers can easily find something to excite and entice them on their next vacation as well.

In this article, we’ll give you a quick rundown of all the basics you need to know about Noah’s Ark Rafting. Read through this information and use it to help decide whether or not you want to book a trip with this rafting company.

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All About Noah’s Ark Rafting


In order to determine whether or not Noah’s Ark Rafting is the right company for you and your rafting group, it’s a good idea to read up on everything about the company. This company provides many different options for rafting trips in Colorado and is an excellent choice for those who have some experience and are looking to get out on the water and experience nature with a few thrills along the way.

Be sure to check up on all the information from this company before making your decision. Some of the rivers in Colorado can be dangerous for whitewater rafters of any skill level, and it’s important to know what you need to plan for and expect before you get there in order to stay safe.

Option #1

Transfers and land transportation options

  • While there is a shuttle service provided from the main headquarters of Noah’s Ark Rafting to the locations for all of the trips and adventures, you will need to be able to provide transportation for yourself to the headquarters.
  • While there may be Uber or Lyft options available to take you from your lodging to the Noah’s Ark Rafting headquarters, this isn’t always the case. It’s important to plan ahead and choose a transportation option so you don’t end up late for your departure time. There are car rental services in the area if you do not find any other options.

Option #2

Experienced guides for all tours

  • The guides for these tours are experienced and trained. Each type of guide undergoes a specific training for their own area, so rock climbing guides will never be sent on river trips, for example. Guide trainers are also trained so they know what they’re doing, too. All of this combines to create the safest possible experience for everyone who will be going out on the river.
  • It is important to remember, however, that even the most experienced guides can’t account for every possibility. You should always check the restrictions and guidelines for any rafting company to ensure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe.

Option #3

Equipment and gear rental

  • The company will provide rafts, oars, and life jackets for everyone who will be joining the rafting group. It is possible to also rent additional clothing gear depending on your needs.
  • Noah’s Ark offers a quick-dry long-sleeved shirt rental option, a water-resistant long-sleeved shirt option, a 0-degree sleeping bag rental for overnight and camping trips, a wetsuit rental, and water booties for keeping your feet warm as well.
  • All of these items can be rented for a half day, a full day, or overnight, with the exception of the sleeping bag, which is only available for overnight rentals.

Option #3

Customizable packages

  • There are not a lot of customizable options with the packages available from Noah’s Ark, but there are some. For the most part, you can choose which rapids you want to raft on and whether or not you want to go for a half-day, a full-day, or an overnight trip.
  • You may also choose a combination package, which allows you to add on horseback riding, ziplining, rock climbing, hot springs soaking, overnight rafting, camping, or a llama trek, depending on which choice you make.

Option #4

Group rates

  • Group trips can be booked for camping or for “basecamp” options. For a basecamp trip, groups will return to the “base” every night; for camping, groups will sleep outdoors in tents and sleeping bags. These group events can include rafting only or may also involve rock climbing, ziplining and more.
  • The company offers special group discount rates, but they do not provide the pricing information for these rates on their website. If you need to book for a larger group, it may be a better idea to call the company and find out more specific information about the cost.

Option #5

Meals and other convenient add-ons

  • There are no meal add-on options with Noah’s Ark Rafting. You will need to bring along meals for day trips. Reach out to the company for more information about meals during overnight trips, as these trips usually include lunch and dinner the first day and breakfast the second day.
  • You may add on hot springs passes to any trip or package. You may also add on fishing, hiking, and canoeing options for an additional cost. These activities will usually take place in different locations and at different times from your rafting adventure, depending on the choices you make regarding your itinerary.


  • Noah’s Ark Rafting provides experienced guides who know what they’re doing and are willing to work with guests to find the right solution for their rafting goals and needs.
  • The company makes it easy to book trips and customize your choices by using their web site or by calling for more information.
  • The company is careful to provide alerts and information about restrictions for safety purposes, so there aren’t any unnecessary risks taken by the guests who join them for rafting trips.
  • The company monitors water levels to ensure rafting is safe before every trip, which can provide guests with some peace of mind.


  • Because of unpredictable weather, water levels, and the potential for rafts to be too light due to cancellation or not enough bookings, there is always a chance rafting trips will be canceled by the company at the last minute.
  • Depending on the weather and water conditions for the day, there may be a very long wait between your scheduled departure time and actual departure time.
  • There are not a lot of extra amenities available from this rafting company, so plan to bring your own food and other items along.
  • The rental gear may not be very good quality.


Who can really benefit from using this company? What kind of customer is ideal for Noah’s Ark Rafting? This rafting company focuses on areas with more intense rapids than some others out there, so it’s a good idea to at least have some prior experience with rafting if at all possible. If you haven’t rafted before, be sure to choose a beginner course and do not push yourself to try anything more difficult than you feel comfortable with.

With that said, many families safely take kids and grandparents alike on rafting adventures with Noah’s Ark. This company offers a little something for everyone, but it’s important to speak up about any concerns so you can easily find the right choice for everyone who will be joining you.

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