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Are you interested in snorkelling?

Do you love water sports and also want to get a taste of being part of the marine life?

Would you like to book yourself with a company that can offer you access to some pristine locales with lots of adventure thrown in?

If any of this sounds exciting, then it looks like you really need to check out the people at Blue Water Rafting and see the services and tours they have on offer. We are doing just that in this article, as we give you complete details about the different types of tours and packages they have.

Check out what other customers are saying, and some of the really good things about this company that you should keep in mind if you are interested in snorkelling amidst breath-taking scenery. We also give you an idea of the time taken for their tours as well as the pricing, so that you can plan everything as per your convenience and requirements. Sounds fun? Read on!   

What is Blue Water Rafting?

Blue Water Rafting is a company that has been offering snorkelling services in Maui since 1985.

  • They describe themselves as being a company that offers small group adventures.
  • The company also specialises in offering its customers the best possible combination of adventure, adrenaline and natural beauty.
  • The adventure will see you reach your main destination through breathtakingly beautiful scenes.
  • They will ensure that you are taken to almost uninhabited and uncrowded parts where you can snorkel without being surrounded by crowds.
  • Also, while you are at it, they will ensure that you get an up-close experience of seeing how it is to be amidst and part of the marine life world.

What SERVICES & PRODUCTS do they offer?

Blue Water Rafting offers a variety of sightseeing tours as well as different types of high adventure snorkelling tours on Maui.

Here are some of the tours that you can book from the company:

Option #1

Kanaio/Molokini Tour


  • This tour will take you along Maui’s Gold Coast past Wailea and Makena.
  • You will cruise to La Perouse Bay.
  • Spot dolphins on the way or on the bay itself.
  • Continental breakfast is included.
  • This offer may get remote snorkelling site depending on weather and time.
  • You will also visit Molokini for snorkelling, especially in the outer reef area.
  • Next you will have buffet lunch and more snorkelling, along with spotted eagle rays and sea turtles.
  • Total tour time is 5 and half hours.
  • Prices for 2020 are adults $156.25 and children $130.21.

 2. Kanaio Coast


  • It takes you through the rarely seen part of Maui.
  • Includes trip to the Volcanic Kanaio Coast, exotic snorkelling sites and green sea turtle and spinner dolphin habitats.
  • You will tour to a remote and inaccessible coastline and view the slopes of Mt. Haleakala.
  • You will cruise to La Perouse Bay.
  • Spot dolphins on the way or on the bay itself.
  • You will have buffet lunch and more snorkelling, along with spotted eagle rays and sea turtles.
  • Total tour time is 4 hours.
  • Prices for 2020 are adults $125 and children $104.17.

Option #3

Molokini Express


  • This tour is ideal if you want to enjoy clear water and lots of marine life.
  • This is one of their shorter tours that is full of scenic beauty.
  • You will mainly be on the uninhabited islet in Alalakeiki Channel that is located between the Maui and Kaho’olawe islands.
  • You also get to snorkel in a remote location.
  • Total tour time is 2 hours.
  • Prices for 2020 are adults $62.50 and children $52.08.

Option #4

Express Whale Watch/Molokini Snorkel


  • This choice is a seasonal tour that operates between 15th December and 15th April.
  • It takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • You get to snorkel at Molokini and also do whale watching on a fast adventure ride!
  • You will travel through waters that are full of Humpback whales.
  • There are high chances of viewing mother/calf/escort pods.
  • 1 hour will be for snorkelling and 1 ½ hours for passage and whale watching.
  • Package includes beverages and gear.
  • Total tour time is 2 and half hours.
  • Prices for 2020 are adults $67.71 and children $62.50.

Option #5

Guaranteed Whale Watch


  • This option is a seasonal tour that operates between 1st January and 15th March.
  • They also have a pre-season tour daily between 15th December and 31st December. But it is not guaranteed.
  • The company promises a guaranteed whale watching experience.
  • Otherwise, it will give you the next ride free of cost!
  • You will go to the south shore of Maui to spot Humpback whales.
  • Total tour time is 1 and half hours.
  • Prices for 2020 are adults $51.04 and children $40.62.

WHEN and WHERE was it launched?

Blue water rafting was launched in the year 1985 in Maui.

  • South Maui is the area where the last volcanic eruption had overflowed.
  • This was about 220 years ago.
  • The area is full of a rugged landscape with lava tubes, sea caves and lava arches.

WHERE can you find them?

Here are the contact details of Blue Water Rafting:

Address: Blue Water Rafting, P.O. Box 1865

Contact form:

You can also use this contact form to get in touch with someone from the team.


Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753
Phone: 808-879-7238
Fax: 808-891-1497

Hours of operation:

  • Reservations are open from 7am till 7pm HST (limited hours on Federal holidays)


  • Tours depart from the Kihei Boat Ramp located south of Kamaole Beach Park III at 2777 South Kihei Rd.

WHAT TO EXPECT when you book Blue Water Rafting for a tour

Transfers/land transportation

  • This offer provides various types of transfers and land transportation.
  • Fast transfer options for shorter express tours.

Experienced guides for the tours

  • Experienced, professional and friendly guides.
  • Show you the best of marine life and snorkelling.

Equipment/gear rental

  • Required equipment and gear is provided.

Raft rental

  • Opt for a private charter if you want to guarantee specific type of boat.

Customizable packages and group rates

  • Please get in touch with them to find out the best deals you can get.

Meals and other add-ons

  • You get breakfast, lunch and snacks depending on the package you have taken.
  • Breakfast – assorted fresh fruit from the island, Hawaiian fruit juices, muffins and water.
  • Lunch – veggies and dip, turkey and beef roast, cheeses, homemade style chocolate chip cookies, whole wheat buns and condiments.
  • Beverages – water and Hawaiian fruit juices.

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING about Blue Water Rafting?

People Liked…

  1. Knowledgeable and experienced guides.
  2. Amazing location.
  3. Great food options.
  4. Variety of tours.
  5. Full refund if cancellation by company for any reason.

People Didn’t Like…

  1. Some guides may seem distracted.
  2. Some guides may ask for tips.
  3. Some guides may face difficulty with rough water patches.

Do we RECOMMEND Blue Water Rafting for guided tours in the area?

We definitely recommend booking a trip through them because this is surely one of the best combinations of snorkelling and marine life watching. Enjoy far from the crowd, in undisturbed and natural habitats.  

If you love adventure, natural beauty and marine life, you’re their perfect customer! Make sure you’re in reasonably good physical condition and not suffering from any health conditions.

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