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Looking for a fun rafting trip?

Want something that can be fun for the entire family?

Planning to try out a rafting trip around the Arkansas River?

If you are in the mood for some serious fun and want an adventure that you will never forget, booking yourself a rafting trip through Echo Canyon Rafting could be the answer. If you have never heard of them before, or maybe heard but not tried out yet, read through the end of this article to find out all the information you will need, before you book a rafting adventure for yourself.

In this article, we will share details about the company, will talk about the various types of adventures and packages they have, some of the benefits that come along when you book through them, as well as tell you some of the things that those who have been on their trips are talking about. So read on and see if this could be your fix for some unforgettable adventure.  

What is Echo Canyon Rafting?


  • Echo Canyon Rafting is one of the largest as well as one of the most well-known and trusted outfitters in the entire state.
  • They have been creating hand-crafted unique adventures in Colorado for white water rafting ever since 1978.
  • The company says on its website that they have thought of everything you may need for the trip, so all you have to is focus on having fun.

What SERVICES & PRODUCTS do they offer?

Here are some of the most popular services that you can book yourself from the company:

Option #1

Bighorn Sheep Canyon

  • Good for first-time paddlers as well as seasoned boaters
  • Class III whitewater in the Parkdale run
  • Amazing scenery
  • Half-day trip with multiple rapids, full-day trip with more than 20 rapids
  • Riverside luncheon buffet
  • 6 years and above

Option #2

Royal Gorge

  • For the more experienced rafters
  • Perfect mix of whitewater as well as outstanding nature views
  • Half-day trip for those with previous paddling experience and less time
  • Full-day trip is known to be one of the top 10 river runs in the US
  • Physical fitness and knowing swimming recommended
  • Minimum age 15-18 years depending on water force

WHEN and WHERE was it launched?

Echo Canyon River Expeditions was launched in the year 1978, with an aim to provide the best possible river experience to customers.  

WHERE can you find them?

Here are all the contact details you may need to get in touch with someone from Echo Canyon River Expeditions:



Call: (800) – 755-3246

Location: Near the Royal Gorge, about 1 hour from Colorado Springs
Address: Echo Canyon River Expeditions, 45000 West U.S. Highway 50, Canon City, CO 81212

Contact form: You can also leave your contact details here

For reservations: Call 1-800-755-ECHO-(3246):
7:30 am to 8 pm (April through August) 7 days of the week
9 am to 5 pm in off-season from Monday to Friday

WHAT TO EXPECT when you book Echo Canyon Rafting for a tour:

Option #1

Transfers/land transportation

  • Arrive at their desk 45 minutes prior to your scheduled whitewater trip.
  • Transfers from and back to the check-in desk from the river area will be done by the company.

Option #2

Experienced guides for the tours

  • Devoted professionals
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Intelligent and entertaining
  • Trained in extensive programs
  • First Aid and CPR certified

Option #3

Equipment/gear rental

  • Provides all equipment or gear related to river rafting
  • Wetsuits
  • Spray wear
  • River shoes

Option #4

Raft rental

  • Rafts are provided by the company.
  • These are 14-feet and self-bailing, and accommodate up to 8 guests + 1 guide.

Option #5

Customizable packages and group rates

Take a look at the following trip/package combos you can take a look at:

  • Half-day trips
  • Full-day trips
  • Multi-day combinations
  • Overnight trips


Please go through this page to find out more information to see which type of trip will be most suitable for you.

Option #6

Meals and other add-ons

  • Delicious lunc heon buffet is provided for day trips
  • Menu usually includes a grilled steak, potato salad, fresh fruits, fresh green salad as well as cookies
  • Breakfast is provided on multi-day trips
  • Breakfast includes pancakes, fresh fruits, coffee, juice, English muffins, egg and meat dishes
  • Dinner consists of appetizers, proper hearty meals and desserts
  • You can also inform the staff about any special dietary requirements or restrictions at the time of booking as well as you reach the place for rafting, so that they can arrange the same for you.

WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING about Echo Canyon Rafting

People Liked…

  1. Option of getting your own guide
  2. If you are looking for someone from the company to help you with the rafting and act as a guide who will specifically help you out, you do have that option.
  3. The company suggests that you let them know your request at the time of booking, so that they can arrange someone for you.
  4. Guides are trained chefs
  5. All the guides are trained to cook fresh and delicious meals for you at the camp sight when you take a break from rafting.
  6. From breakfast to cooking lunch, dinner and even snacks and desserts, the guides will do it all.
  7. Almost everything related to trip is provided for
  8. When you book a trip with them, you can be assured that you will get everything related to your safety that is needed for the trip.
  9. The company will provide you everything such as rafts and such.
  10. Very well-trained guides
  11. All their guides are professionally-trained.
  12. They’re trained in CPR and first-aid.
  13. Perfect for all ages and preferences
  14. There are various packages to choose from.
  15. Good for younger ones, beginners as well as advanced rafters.

People Didn’t Like…

  1. Very expensive photos
  2. More preparedness required for low-water risks
  3. Not enough good pictures

Do we RECOMMEND Echo Canyon Rafting for guided tours in the area?

There is enough reason that makes Echo Canyon Rafting tours one of the most-loved and most-popular ones. We absolutely recommend this company for booking a tour in the area.

  • One of the main reasons we would recommend them is the extreme professionalism of the staff and guides. They are very well-trained and will take care of you in the water as well as on land.
  • The best part about booking through them is that you get a multitude of packages and options to choose from. You can go through the many types of trips they have and choose the one that works best for you, including half-day trips or multi-day ones.

What kind of tourist/customer is perfect for what this company has to offer?

The best part about choosing an Echo Canyon Rafting experience is that you can do this with your friends and opt for the really thrilling packages, or instead, go ahead for a day of fun and simple adventure with your family (kids and senior citizens included).

  • Pregnant women are NOT allowed on the trip due to safety reasons.
  • As long as you are physically fit and do not have any medical health issues such as high blood pressure, asthma, heart conditions and so on, you can be a part of the trip.

Make sure to follow all safety instructions as shared by the company. Also, be careful and alert so that you are safe and can happily enjoy the adventure. Have fun!

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