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What is a life raft?

Where would you usually use a product like this?

Why is it important to have one around?

A life raft is a small raft that can be very quickly inflated in case of emergency. These rafts are not designed for everyday use, but are built to be very durable anyway. They should be compact enough to bring along on your trips out on the water, and lightweight enough that anyone on board can operate them if necessary.

Life rafts are crucial to keep on board when you are traveling on watercraft. In some areas, it’s illegal not to have at least one life raft on board any water vessel; in other places, some types of boats and rafts can be operated without one, but it isn’t always the safest decision.

If you’re looking for a high-quality life raft for your boat, look no further. In this article, we’ll show you five good choices you can pick from depending on the capacity and size of your boat.

Take your time considering the different options on our list so you can easily pick the right one. Having the right lift raft can make a huge difference in the event of an unfortunate boating accident, so you should always be prepared.

Read on to learn more.

Option #1. Revere Costal Compact 4 with Canopy Life Raft

The Revere Coastal Compact 4 with Canopy Life Raft is a smaller and lighter weight option compared to some of the others on our list. This option comes in at the bottom of the price range for many life rafts on the market and is also one of the smallest available in terms of size. This raft is designed to keep up to four people afloat.


  • This raft can be popped up very quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • The raft has a canopy attachment that can be used to protect passengers from the elements during an accident.


  • This is a one-time use raft, which means you’ll need to replace it if it is inflated for any reason.
  • The raft cannot hold as much weight as some others on our list, although it can still hold up to 800 pounds.

Option #2. Revere Coastal Compact 6 Person Life Raft with Valise

Choose the Revere Coastal Compact 6 Person Life Raft with Valise when you’re looking for something a little heavier duty for a slightly larger boat. This life raft can hold up to six people but is small enough to store out of the way until you may need it. The raft pops up quickly and inflates on its own when deployed, so you don’t have to worry about taking the time to inflate it yourself if an emergency situation should arise on the water.


  • The raft can inflate in under 30 seconds once it has been activated.
  • The raft is easy enough to use that anyone on board should be able to learn how to do it.


  • It can sometimes be difficult to find this raft in stock.
  • This offer can only be used once before it needs to be recertified or replaced.

Option #3. Revere Coastal Commander Life Raft Valise

Try the Revere Coastal Commander Life Raft Valise if you’re looking for a commercial-quality life raft. This choice can hold up to six people and is intended for larger boats. This option comes with a built-in canopy and a rope ladder that can be used for easy mounting even in the event of an emergency. The life raft also comes with its own carrying bag that is waterproof and small enough to tuck out of the way.


  • This raft is reusable as long as it is professionally recertified before being used again.
  • The raft can hold up to 1200 pounds of weight.


  • The raft is very heavy and may be hard for some passengers to operate if needed.
  • This offer is designed for use on commercial vessels and may be too heavy for some personal boats.

Option #4. Revere Offshore Commander 2.0 Valise

With the Revere Offshore Commander 2.0 Valise, you can enjoy the safety and security of a very heavy-duty commercial-grade product. This life raft is designed to pop up in just a few seconds when deployed and is capable of holding up to eight people. This choice includes a rope ladder for easy boarding and a canopy for protecting those on board from the elements as well as from the water. This is an extremely safe and durable life raft that is ideal for larger vessels.


  • This option is easy to use despite its heavier weight.
  • The raft is long-lasting, secure, and can be reused as long as it’s recertified by a professional beforehand.


  • Because this option is very heavy, some passengers may not be able to operate it.
  • This offer is hard to find in stock.

Option #5. Viking RescYou Life Raft 6 Person Valise Offshore Pack

The Viking RescYou Life raft 6 Person Valise Offshore Pack comes in at the higher end of most budgets but provides plenty of peace of mind and security when you’re out on the water. This raft can hold up to six people and comes with a durable waterproof carrying and storage bag. When deployed, the raft inflates by itself quickly so you can get to safety in very little time.


  • The raft is very durable and capable of holding up to a lot of exposure to the elements once it’s been activated.
  • This choice comes in a small enough bag that it can be stored out of the way fairly easily, even on a small to mid-sized boat.


  • This option is only intended for use by commercial vessels and may not be able to be ordered by private customers.
  • This is a very pricey product that may be too expensive for some customers, despite its higher quality overall.


What should you look for when choosing a high-quality life raft that can potentially make a difference where you need it most? There are so many to pick from, how can you really make sure you’re getting the one that works best for your boat? Here are a few features to keep in mind when shopping for a life raft:

  • Pick something made of very durable materials. The more durable the better; life rafts are not a good place to cut corners or expenses.
  • Choose something that can fit safely and easily on your boat until it’s needed. The more compact the better.
  • Pick something that can safely support enough people. If your boat can hold eight people, then pick a life raft that can also hold eight people.
  • Choose a raft that has customer reviews to back it up. Although not every great raft out there on the market will have reviews to support it, many will.

By remembering these suggestions, you’ll be able to find a life raft that can help keep you and your family and friends safe if anything should go wrong on the water. Remember to pay attention to local laws, too, and to replace your life raft if you have any concerns that it may not longer work.

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