Colorado River Moab Rafting


Where is Moab?

Is this a top rated rafting destination?

What makes it so popular?

Moab is located in Utah. This destination is a popular place for outdoorsy people and families to visit year-round, and especially during the summer.

With many different activities to participate in, Moab draws a large crowd of those who are interested in getting out and enjoying the fresh air, sunshine, and more that the area has to offer.


Here are some of the reasons why rafters visit Moab often:

  • There are several river options available in Moab, including rapids for beginners all the way through advanced rafters.
  • Moab offers amazing scenery that is often overlooked by tourists who don’t realize just how incredible it truly is; it’s off the beaten path and tends to be more frequented by locals.
  • There are tons of activities to participate in when you get finished rafting, too, so active individuals never have to run out of things to do in Moab.
  • Moab offers plenty of rafting tour guide companies that can help guests of all ages and groups of all sizes find the right trip for them.

There may be even more reasons why guests consider visiting Moab, and everyone’s reasoning is a little different, too. If you’re thinking about visiting this part of Utah, we’ve gathered plenty of tips and rafting information to help you figure out if it’s right for you.

Check out more information about Moab rafting below.


Location: Moab, Utah
Notable Locations on the River: Fisher Towers, Onion Creek, Rocky Rapid, Whites Rapid
Duration: Half Day, Full Day, Two Day, Four Day, and Five Day adventures are available

  • Families with younger kids should stick to the Half Day or Full Day adventures, depending on the experience and stamina of everyone involved.
  • Older kids and adults can choose between the multi-day trips.
  • Depending on the tour guide company you’re planning to go with, some of these trips may be better suited to experienced rafters than others. Always ask about the skill level required for any rafting trip you’re planning.

There’s a lot to do in Moab, Utah, aside from just whitewater rafting. With that said, however, the rafting is one of the biggest draws of this area and continues to bring guests back again and again. With more than one location to choose from within the Moab area, you can easily find the river—and the rapids—that are right for you and your family. Plan your visit around the trip you want to take and don’t be afraid to branch out a little and explore other activities or other rapids once you’ve had a chance to get your feet wet. There’s something for everyone among the rocks and canyons of Moab!

Moab is especially known for its impressive wilderness and scenery. Some of the scenic views here have been known to be mistaken for the Grand Canyon due to their majestic nature and spectacular appearance. The rapids here, too, are well worth paying attention to, and sometimes they can reach Class V levels depending on the part of the river in question and the time of the year, too.

Finally, there are plenty of camping opportunities in and around Moab, as well. Those who are looking for multi-day rafting excursions can easily find camping all along the Colorado River to include in their journeys.


  • Longer Moab rafting trips offer some of the most impressive scenery in Utah, and many of them give you chances to glimpse desert and mountain vistas alike as you race through the rapids.
  • There are many different levels and classes of rapids available to those who are looking for variety, and there are good choices for beginners, intermediate rafters and advanced rafters alike all within the same area.
  • There’s more to do than just rafting, so when you’re finished in the water, you can try rock climbing, ziplining, hiking, and much more in and around Moab.


  • Depending on the time of year when you visit, this part of Utah may be dealing with bad weather which could severely inconvenience your trip.
  • Many of the whitewater rafting adventures available for Moab are not appropriate for younger kids, so you’ll need to double-check the age limits on these trips before you do any booking.
  • As with any whitewater rafting adventures and locations, there’s always the chance the water levels may not be suitable for rafting at the time of year when you visit. If this happens, your trip may be canceled or rescheduled at the last minute.


As you can see, there’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re planning your trip to Moab. This unique and beautiful part of the country can provide you and your friends or family with amazing views, impressive rapids, and a vacation none of you will soon forget.

With that said, however, there’s more to decide on than simply the location of your trip. After all, a lot of these guided rafting tours require booking in advance to ensure you’ll get a seat, especially during the busier times of the year.

But how do you know when you should go on this trip? Is there a such thing as a “best time” to visit Moab?

  • May through August is generally the best time of year to go rafting in the Moab area. At this time of the year, snow from the mountaintops has melted and raised the water levels in the river so that they’re at prime rafting level.
  • The weather is also nice during the summer months in Utah, and you don’t have to worry as much about inclement weather cancelling your trip.

How else can the time of year when you visit affect your success on this trip? If you go at the “wrong” time of the year, are you dooming yourself to have a terrible experience or to not be able to go rafting at all?

  • Due to the mild weather in Utah, you may be able to enjoy rafting in the Moab area during the off-season as well.
  • Just keep in mind that the colder months probably aren’t going to be a great time of year for whitewater rafting anywhere.
  • When it gets too cold, there may be increased safety hazards when spending time on the water, and your tour guide company may cancel the trip on you.
  • Of course, there are risks during the summer months too—especially in terms of group size. You may end up in a group that is overbooked, or you might end up rafting on a river that has a lot of trips going on during the same time.

There are always risks involved no matter what time of the year you plan to take your rafting trip. In the end, the right choice is entirely up to you, and it’s important to take your time and consider the options before you book your rafting adventure. If you have further questions regarding your plans, the company  you’ll be booking with can always help you determine the best time of year to schedule your Moab rafting experience.

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