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What is a paddle board?

What kinds of paddle boards for sale are on the market?

Where would you use a paddle board?

If you’re looking for a paddleboard for sale, you’re probably interested in trying this fun recreational activity. Paddle boards are similar to surf boards, but they are steered with a long, thin paddle and used in calm waters instead.

There are two categories of paddle boards: inflatable and non-inflatable. Within these categories, there are a lot of subcategories as well.

With so many different types of paddleboards for sale, it can be tough to find the right one. In this article, we’ll help you narrow down the choices and find a board that will work for you, your family, and all the specifications you’re looking for as well.

Read on to find plenty of excellent stand up paddle boards for sale to choose from.

Option #1. Sportstuff Adventure Stand Up Paddle Board

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The [amazon link=”B01DXCU3N0″ title=”Sportstuff Adventure Stand Up Paddle Board” /] is a bold and vibrant board that comes with lots of extra accessories to help you get started using it right away. The board includes a pump, paddle, carrying bag, leash, and a removable kayak seat so you can use it whichever way is best for you.


  • The board has a built-in no-skid standing deck.
  • The board can be broken down for easy transportation.


  • The included pressure gauge may break easily, and the pump may be difficult to use.
  • The board may buckle under very little weight, despite it claiming that it’s meant for use up to 250 pounds.

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Option #2. Aqua Marina Breeze Stand Up Paddle Board

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Bring home the Aqua Marina Breeze Stand Up Paddle Board for an easy-to-use inflatable board that’s good for beginners. The board is made of PVC fabric and comes with built-in bungee cords for bringing along any gear you might need on your trek.


  • This board is a little smaller than some, so it’s good for petite and younger riders.
  • The board features a no-slip deck for sturdy standing and balancing.


  • Because of the board’s size, it may not work well for all adults.
  • The board can only hold up to 200 pounds of weight.

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Option #3. Solstice by Swimline Bali Stand Up Paddle Board

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Available in a unique gray and yellow color combination, the [amazon link=”B004PPNQU2″ title=”Solstice by Swimline Bali Stand Up Paddle Board” /] is an inflatable board that moves quickly and maneuvers easily in the water. This option comes with tie-downs to make it easier to transport and bring gear along with you, and it’s made of durable PVC fabric.


  • The board comes with a fin, pump, and carrying bag.
  • The board is easy to inflate and deflate on the go without taking up too much of your recreation time.


  • The board may sit too low in the water for some customers to be comfortable on it.
  • The valve may leak easily on this offer.

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Option #4. Lifetime Horizon 100 Hardshell Stand-Up Paddle Board

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For a good starter board, consider the [amazon link=”B079NXNQKF” title=”Lifetime Horizon 100 Hardshell Stand-Up Paddle Board” /]. This board comes with a non-slip standing deck and includes a paddle so you can get started using it right away. The board is available in a fun bright blue color that is sure to look great on any body of water.


  • The board can hold up to 230 pounds of weight.
  • This lightweight board is built with beginners in mind.


  • The board may be too long and wide for easy maneuvering.
  • It may be difficult to get in touch with customer service if you have any issues with this paddle board.

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Option #5. CBC Hydra Foam SUP

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Made of laminated wood and resin along with EPS foam, the [amazon link=”B007722X40″ title=”CBC Hydra Foam SUP” /] is a great lightweight board with a classic look and modern attention to detail. The board comes with a paddle, fin, camera mount, and leash for convenience and safety when you have it out on the water.


  • This board has a fun look that makes it stand out from some of the others listed here.
  • The board holds up to 300 pounds of weight.


  • The foam portion of the board may be prone to cuts and dents.
  • The color may fade in the sun fairly quickly.

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Option #5. Peak Escape Stand Up Paddle Board

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Check out the [amazon link=”B0791VRPZ6″ title=”Peak Escape Stand Up Paddle Board” /] for a small, lightweight, and easy-to-use option. This board comes with a fin, paddle, and leash, as well as a bonus waterproof phone case so you never have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone in the water while you use it.


  • The board only weighs 23.5 pounds, so it’s easy to transport and use.
  • The board can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.


  • The plastic has been known to bubble badly after just a few uses.
  • The board is less stable than some of the others listed here, especially for those who aren’t very experienced.

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Option #6. Premium Stand Up Paddle Board

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With this [amazon link=”B01HIZ0OXM” title=”Premium Stand Up Paddle Board” /], you’ll be ready to get out on the water in no time. This board comes in a classy white and gray design and is available in a standard 10’4” size. This offer comes with a paddle and a fin as well as a board leash, so you can started using it right away.


  • The board can hold up to 275 pounds of weight.
  • This is a good board for beginners, since it maneuvers easily in the water.


  • The fins may be a little tricky to install, especially for newcomers.
  • The board may be prone to dents and dings, even after just a few uses.

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Option #7. Peak Titan Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

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The [amazon link=”B0791YDBMR” title=”Peak Titan Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board” /] is a twelve-foot board that’s big enough to bring the whole family along. The board weighs only 34 pounds when inflated and is easy to deflate and transport as needed.


  • This board can support up to 500 pounds of weight.
  • The board comes with a hand pump and can be used with electric pumps as well, although these are sold separately.


  • The board may be large and hard to steer for some customers.
  • The board doesn’t come in other colors.

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Did you find the best stand up paddle board for sale to suit your needs? There are a lot of great options out there, so take your time narrowing them down to find the best fit for you!

Now that you’ve found a good paddle board for sale, brush up on these safe paddle boarding tips:

  • Always board with a buddy. Especially if you’re a beginner, take someone with you paddling.
  • Paddle board on calm waters when you’re inexperienced. Even pros have trouble with very windy conditions.
  • Brush up on the proper ways to mount, dismount, steer, balance, and get back on your board if you fall. These tips can help you make the most of the experience.
  • Bring along a life jacket, whistle, and light. This is required by law and can keep you safe.

Keep these tips in mind for a great paddle board trip every time!

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