White Water Raft


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What kinds of rafts are available to purchase?

Are they all more or less the same, or do some of them differ from each other?

Are there any truly unique ones out there?

There are several kinds of rafts on the market. Some of these are hard-shell rafts, while others are inflatable. Some are dinghy style, and some are pontoon style instead. Some are very unique, while others are similar to several models on the market.

Depending on the uses you have in mind for your raft, you may want to choose one of these varieties over another. Understanding the options you have can help you narrow them down and make the right call.

Read on to learn more about some great rafts for sale.

Option #1. Intex Mariner Inflatable Raft

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The [amazon link=”B00CJIXN9Q” title=”Intex Mariner Inflatable Raft” /] is an easy-to-use inflatable raft with separate air bladders to keep it afloat even if something should get punctured along the way. This option is made of durable plastic that is also resistant to UV rays, so it’s sure to hold up to plenty of use in the sun.


  • This boat includes valves that make it easy to inflate and deflate it quickly and easily.
  • The raft is made of three layers of PVC material for extra durability.


  • The raft is prone to developing small leaks in the seams.
  • This offer may arrive missing some of the pieces required for assembly.

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Option #2. Pexmor Inflatable Dinghy Boat

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The [amazon link=”B07SCJVQP6″ title=”Pexmore Inflatable Dinghy Boat” /] includes everything you need to get started using it right out of the box. Available in either a black and gray model with a red stripe or a white model with blue accents, this small inflatable raft is sure to get you out on the water in no time. Choose between either a ten-foot or a 7.5-foot option when you go with this option, and enjoy all the perks that come with both of these models. The boat includes many extras, such as a foot pump, a repair kit, and a carrying bag for your convenience.


  • This raft comes with floor boards you can use to create a solid floor if you desire.
  • The boat also comes with a pair of oars as well as built-in oar holders.


  • In some instances, the oar handles may not hold up as long as the rest of the boat.
  • The raft doesn’t offer much space for more than one person.

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Option #3. Outroad Inflatable Dinghy Fishing Boat

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The [amazon link=”B07MP34QLC” title=”Outroad Inflatable Dinghy Fishing Boat” /] is made of durable PVC fabric in three layers to keep you and all your passengers safe and secure. It’s designed with two air bladders to keep it afloat no matter what, and it can hold up to 800 pounds of weight between the passengers and any gear you may be bringing along. This is a great choice when you’re looking for an inflatable boat to help you break into the world of rafting with this type of product.


  • The boat comes with two aluminum seats that can be easily installed and used or removed depending on your preferences.
  • The boat is available in black, gray, or yellow, and each color comes with the same benefits and features.


  • The boat is not durable enough to last for several years, although it may last for a little while.
  • This choice may be challenging to inflate and deflate quickly.

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Option #4. DAMA Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat

[amazon fields=”B07DTK5QMW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

Are you looking for a product you can use on your own for a day out on the water? If so, the [amazon link=”B07DTK5QMW” title=”DAMA Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat” /] is a great choice. This option is designed for a single passenger and is perfect for fishing purposes. This offer can hold up to 380 pounds, so most passengers can bring along their gear as well without having to worry about whether or not the pontoons will stay afloat throughout their day. Choose this stylish black and gray boat for all your fishing needs.


  • The boat features a canopy, a built-in seat with a seatback, and oar holders, all of which can be detached if you prefer.
  • The bottoms of the pontoons are resistant to tears and scrapes.


  • This raft can only be used with the included foot pump and not with any generic ones.
  • The included foot pump may break easily.

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Option #5. Max4out Inflatable Fishing Dinghy

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Pick between yellow, black, or gray when you choose the [amazon link=”B07Y2SM55J” title=”Max4out Inflatable Fishing Dinghy” /]. No matter which color you choose, you can enjoy the benefits that come with this boat. The boat includes four optional floorboards so you can choose whether or not to use it with a solid, rigid floor. This choice also offers enough space for three people to sit comfortably while sharing the boat. Built from durable three-layer PVC plastic, the raft is sure to last no matter how many times you want to take it out for a day on the water.


  • This raft features a thicker bottom, so you don’t have to worry about it being torn easily.
  • The raft features a built-in oarlock for extra safety and security as well as convenience.


  • The raft doesn’t come with a lot of extras like some of the others listed here.
  • It may take some time to inflate and deflate this raft.

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Option #6. Bris Inflatable Boat

[amazon fields=”B00N9SGAZY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

Enjoy plenty of durability and long-lasting life with the [amazon link=”B00N9SGAZY” title=”Bris Inflatable Boat” /]. This 10.8-foot boat comes in a sleek white and gray design option and includes an aluminum bench for comfort and ease of use. The boat features seams that have been heat finished for maximum support, and it can be used with included floorboards to make it rigid depending on your needs and preferences.


  • The boat comes with a plywood transom you can use to install a motor if you choose to do so, although it can also be operated with oars depending on your needs.
  • The boat includes a foot pump and a carrying bag as well as a repair kit.


  • This option may be challenging to assemble.
  • This offer may not be large enough to fit four adults, despite it being advertised to do so.

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Option #7. Bris Inflatable White Water River Raft

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Check out the [amazon link=”B06WLQ8GJY” title=”Bris Inflatable White Water River Raft” /] when you’re looking for something that can handle the rapids. This raft is made of heavy-duty PVC fabric with heat-welded seams and a professional finish throughout. With a high-pressure soft-style floor, this raft is sure to keep you comfortable and safe at the same time.


  • The raft includes a foot pump so you can easily inflate it any time on the go.
  • The raft has safety valves built in to prevent it from being over-inflated.


  • In very rare instances, the raft may arrive missing some pieces.
  • The raft may be a little more difficult to row than some others, but the difference is negligible.

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Option #8. Saturn Inflatable Whitewater Raft

[amazon fields=”B00C54HE9O” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

Bring the whole family along on the [amazon link=”B00C54HE9O” title=”Saturn Inflatable Whitewater Raft” /]. This choice is big enough to hold up to eight people as long as the weight limit of 1500 pounds isn’t exceeded, and it’s designed to keep everyone safe and secure throughout the trip, too.


  • This boat features a self-bailing floor that is perfect for riding the rapids.
  • The raft inflates with seven different chambers so it will stay afloat if something happens to one of them.


  • It may be difficult to find this offer in stock.
  • The raft only comes in blue.

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Option #9. Aire Wave Destroyer 12 Cataraft

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Choose the [amazon link=”B01FMRTYBQ” title=”Aire Wave Destroyer 12 Cataraft” /] if you’re looking for a catamaran-style raft for your needs. This boat features four separate inflatable air chambers and a sturdy PVC plastic shell. This option comes with a single seat for one passenger and two handles on each side built into the design.


  • This raft includes D-rings for transportation, hauling, and storage.
  • This offer is available in blue, orange, dark green, and yellow.


  • This is a pricey product that may be at the high end of some budgets.
  • The raft is only suitable for use by one passenger at a time.

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There are lots of rafts available to pick from, so how can you know which one is the best choice? Here are a few characteristics to look for when choosing the best raft for your needs:

  • Size and weight capacity: Consider how many people will be using the raft and how much gear you’ll be bringing along.
  • Style: Do you need a boat that can be used with a motor, or one you can paddle with oars? Do you prefer a dinghy or a pontoon?
  • Storage and transport: Do you have the ability to store and transport a hard-shell boat, or do you need an inflatable raft instead?
  • User reviews: What do real owners of this raft say about it?

Keep all this in mind and you’ll be able to pick the right raft in no time!

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